Program Profile


The Department of Mathematics was founded in 1983 within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The position of the head of the department was firstly carried out by the founder Prof. Dr. Sabahattin ÇAĞLAYAN. After him, the position respectively carried out by Prof. Dr. Abdüssamet MARŞOĞLU, between 1991-2000 by Prof. Dr. İsmail Hakkı DURU, between 2000-2019 by Prof. Dr. Hülya İŞCAN. The position of the head of the department has carried out by Prof. Dr. Figen ÖKE since 2019.

The department which started education at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in the Ayşekadın Campus in 1983 continues its activities in the Biology-Mathematics Building of Balkan Campus where it moved in 1999. The Department of Mathematics has 17 faculty members: 1 professor, 5 associated professors, 4 assistant professors and, 7 research assistants. There are 6 divisions in the department.

In addition to the undergraduate program, the Department of Mathematics offers also two graduate programs: master program and doctoral program.

Graduates from the mathematics program have wide working opportunities in both the public and private sector; they can find jobs in areas such as academic studies, information systems, banking, insurance, and finance. They can work as a teacher in educational institutions as well as working in the public sector as a manager, mathematician, specialist or assistant specialist.

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